About Us

About Us

Living Clay has been created to display and sell the best of Australian hand crafted practical pottery. Our aim is to showcase the work of our most talented potters and to offer you a one stop, efficient, online store which offers an ever changing choice of unique items to cherish and enjoy.

As a pottery lover and collector for many years I have always found it difficult to find great pottery pieces I can use in and around my home.  I had to find the time to get to craft shows and markets, visit galleries and trawl through various and varied web sites to try and find what I was looking for; most of the time I gave up because I was too busy, and so the concept for  “Living Clay” was born.

I thought it would be a good idea to make pottery easier to find and even easier to buy. I am not a potter, I have never had the time to learn , but I do know a little bit about E-commerce and marketing and decided to use that knowledge to promote the hard work and creativity of some very talented artists.

To help develop Living Clay’s online presence we will also be exhibiting and selling around Australia at some of the leading craft fairs and markets. Take a look at our upcoming events listing or the calendar on our home page to see where we will be visiting next.

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