A very big welcome to Sandy Lockwood - Potter Extraordinaire!!

A very big welcome to Sandy Lockwood - Potter Extraordinaire!!

A very big welcome to Sandy Lockwood - Potter Extraordinaire!!

We are so thrilled to welcome Sandy Lockwood to Living Clay Australia - our latest addition to the group of skilled and creative potters we are slowly building, who specalise in practical, usable pots. 

When I visited her a few weeks ago, in her idyllic woodland retreat in the Southern Tablelands, I was absolutely blown away by the commitment this craftswoman has made to her chosen art to make sure her pots are the very best they can be.

Her pottery is dominated by three huge brick, wood fired kilns that she has designed and built herself, all purpose built for different functions; bags of clay stacked against the wall and rows upon rows of pots newly turned and ready to go into the kiln for firing suggest that this is a very busy, one woman pottery. Not to mention the enormous stacks of wood she needs to store to fire them up when she is ready. Add to this the years of education, training and practice that she has done to finesse her craft and you begin to get a picture of the enormous commitment this woman has made to her art.

Sandy has been a full time potter since 1980, that's 36 years, which is a long time in any role, but remarkable in the studio pottery business because the cottage industry has been through some difficult times over that period.  In addition to her own practice she is also highly regarded, both within Australia and Internationally, for her teaching and spends several weeks overseas every year in Italy, Denmark, The United Kingdom, and many other places, conducting training sessions and workshops.

A copy of Sandy's remarkable bio is available on the website in "Our Potters" section,  but what I want to talk briefly about here is her beautiful, funky pots. She really enjoys making functional pottery and loves to know that people are using them every day.  Her pots are not for admiring - although they are all beautiful. They are for using and as she says in her bio "I want them to become your lifelong friends". Sandy combines function with art effortlessly, best illustrated I think by the wonderful, quirky  "tea caddy" shown below.

You can see her pots on the website in the various categories they belong in - or you can see the full range of work we have on hand currently by going to her profile in "Our Potters" and going to the bottom of the page to see all the pots that are currently available. We have a further shipment coming in towards the end of the year - but if there is something you like in her earthy, wood fired and salt glazed work don't wait too long. It is always one of a kind, extremely popular and will not last too long. A few selected images of her work are shown below.

Welcome again, Sandy, we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together.


Tea Caddy

Posted by Carole Whitmore