2017 Here We Come

2017 Here We Come

2017 Here We Come

Happy 2017 to Everyone!!

Like many of you we too are just returning from a short break over the Xmas/New Year period - and like everyone in NSW, trying to work through the heat and humidity, which is definitely not conducive to hard work and productivity.  I have been catching up with a few potters this week who tell me they are also trying to start back into making things again - but they are in much bigger trouble than we are. The physicality of the work they do and the kilns they are working with make it very difficult, if not impossible, to work on days with temperatures in excess of 36 degrees celsius and humidity n the 80's plus. So I think it's safe to say it has been a bit of a slow start for everyone in this part of the world (i.e. NSW) this year. 

After a few really hectic weeks in the build up to Xmas last year, the break gave me some time to reflect on what we had learnt in our set up year, and to think about what we need to do in 2017 to wind the business up and into top gear.  We have set ourselves three simple goals.


  • To continue to build our Potter list - and therefore our stock base, whilst continuing to maintain the very high standard of diversity, creativity and expertise we set out to source from Australia's talented potters from the outset. 
  •  To participate in weekly markets - rather than last years schedule of monthly and fortnightly. After a lot of thought we have decided to stay mostly in Sydney this year, we are sitting in the middle of the largest population base in Australia, so for now it makes sense to keep  working on it .
  • To continue to work on our Internet presence by improving the performance of the site and Increasing our social media activity.  We have lots of things underway in that area already which you will see and hear about as the year progresses. 

We have also chosen North Sydney Produce Market as our "home" market because many of you have told us that you would like to be able to  "touch and feel" before you buy. That's understandable, Pottery is a very tactile medium. There are several good reasons for that decision:

  • We want to build and maintain the strong connection between good food and clay, its at the core of what we are trying to do
  • The market is conveniently and centrally located in Sydney.
  • We are surrounded by high quality providores of fresh and organic food (which consistently brings in the crowds every week)
  • It is a really well organised and managed event every time, and
  • There are excellent facilities for customers and visitors.

We will be there on the first Saturday of every month throughout 2017.  But everything else on our calendar is a moving feast!  New venues already booked for the first part of 2017 are Palm Beach Markets, Lane Cove Makers Market, the Coal Loader Artisans market and the Sydney Mardi Gras Fair. - to mention but a few! so watch this space as we pursue other ideas.

I will leave you with this picture of a really clever piece of pottery.  I pulled it out of our warehouse last week to display at North Sydney Market and couldn't help but think how intricate and clever it was.  Dorota Jakubic has achieved this result by using a a hypodermic needle to inject the little dots of coloured glazer into the clay which make up the graphic of the fish on each piece of the set.  It's very beautiful, and whilst it may not appeal to everyone, it is a stunning and unique piece of pottery which will be much loved by someone I am sure. It's available on this website - click here

Until next time!



Posted by Carole Whitmore