Making Some Important Changes

Making Some Important Changes

Making Some Important Changes

Back to Basics


We have been very quiet for the last 3 months as we took some time out during the traditionally quiet time of year, to think long and hard about how best to achieve our objectives and how best to move forward from here. 

We have pounded the pavements of so many markets over the past 2 years, and whilst this has provided us with an opportunity to meet so many of you, I am not entirely convinced that it has helped us to achieve what we set out to do. It has taken away our focus from our original mission  - which was, and still is, to establish an online selling space for high quality, functional Australian ceramics which are available to you to buy from the comfort of your own home 24/7.  With so many of you being time poor these days this is the niche we want to fill.

Yes, you are right there are lots of potters with their own websites but apart from the tricky task of being able to find them!! our point of difference is:

  1. being able to offer you a range of potters and styles in one place with an efficient instant transaction process that enables you to buy instantly with fast turnaround and delivery 
  2. you can be sure that the quality of work is second to none. We only promote potters we have visited and work that we have established as "the best" in its field.  

We have learnt 2 very important things about pottery whilst selling at the markets  - what it is you want and also what it is the potters we represent are good at creating.  In fact in some instances we have asked potters to create things that you have specifically asked for.

But it is time for change and time to get back to our core business. No we are not giving up markets altogether, far from it, but we have significantly reduced the number of markets we will attend in the future - at this stage we are doing at least one every fortnight. That may change, so please keep an eye on our calendar on the home page of our website. 

We have now turned our attention to our website, social media and trying a few new ideas which you will hear more about as we progress. We will also be doing more of this - so tune in occasionally to find out what it is we are doing and where!!  Have a great day everyone and think pots!!  i.e. Australian pots by Australian Potters. Support our local artists.

Carole Whitmore 




Posted by Carole Whitmore
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