Pottery to the People Continues

Pottery to the People Continues

Pottery to the People Continues

Hi Everyone

This week we continued with our plan to open at markets every couple of weeks with a repeat visit to Orange Grove, in Leichardt again. Another busy day - with lots of people looking and asking questions. We continue to learn by watching what other stall holders do.  After watching a very clever young lady selling photography services this week, we are now on a quest to look for some activities that will draw the interest of people and persuade them to stay and browse for a while. 

We have a few ideas and will be talking to some of our potters this week to try and get some help. We put together a much better display this week and gave in to the suggestion that we needed a carpet on the floor !!! Who would have thought that a carpet on a dirt floor in a market stall was even a consideration - but it definitely makes a difference,  I found a polypropylene one that can just be hosed down whenever it gets dirty - miracles. We still have some work to do - we are treating all of these early markets as training events, but one customer this week commented "you look like a movable gallery". Praise indeed. 

This week we exhibited Stephen Sheridan (a regular visitor to this market in his own right and very well known by the shoppers)  Dorota Jakubik,  Nicola Coady and Jemima Woo, plus a small selection from our Treasure Chest. 

Next week (Saturday 6th August) we are off to the North Sydney Produce Markets, another very busy market on the lower North Shore which has a great reputation for quality produce and continues to be a North Shore favourite.  It happens on the 1st and third Saturday of each month.  It is supported and managed by the North Sydney Council Community Centre. We are really looking forward to that and hope it will be the first of many.  

I am moving very quickly now on local market access for Living Clay - it's not too easy!! but as we see this as an integral part of what we are trying to do, I will be working on it for most of the rest of this year.  If you want to know where to find us keep an eye on our event calendar on the home page - that is where we will immediately post any new dates as we build the program.

That's all for now, have a great week! Photo following soon (no its not - terrible photos, sorry about that!!)


Posted by Carole Whitmore