Our First Day at North Sydney Markets

Our First Day at North Sydney Markets

Hi Everyone

Our "Pottery to the People" campaign continued last weekend with our first visit to the North Sydney Produce Market in Miller Street. Again it is another busy market and I was absolutely blown away on Saturday by the genuine interest from customers. We sold a few things too, but just as importantly we handed out scores of promotional cards to people who were interested in what we were doing to represent a range of studio potters.  It was a busy day; for most of it I was surrounded by curious and interested potential customers, which encourages me to believe that we are on the right track.  Again they found the variety, choice and the differences in style and technique between each of the potters interesting, in the same way that they have at Orange Grove Market. This time we featured Milly Dent, Sally Gordon, Susan Hill, Dorota Jakubik and Katherine Mahoney .  I have realised that we need to take more "small things" with us, if we can, so I am going to be out talking to potters over the next couple of weeks on what we can do there. But, surprisingly, this week a couple of big items were sold and taken away.  

What was interesting to me - apart from the fact that many customers made a special point of coming over and telling us that they were really pleased to see hand made, Australian ceramics displayed there, was that we were talking to a more knowledgeable audience.  Some of them came up specifically to tell me that they had a "Katherine Mahoney" piece or a "Milly Dent" piece and were keen to expand their collections, which again reinforces what we want to do - to make hand made ceramics from Studio Potters  more accessible and easier to find via this website.  We also had a couple of enquiries from restaurant owners wanting to buy bespoke dinnerware -  If you are reading this gentlemen, I will get back to you in the next few days!! The important thing is to make sure we recommend the right potters with the right style for your restaurant AND the capacity to deliver. 

We are still working on streamlining the whole "going to market" process - it is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, but we are improving every time.  Reducing the amount of "stuff" we have to take and finding the right protective packaging for the pots we transport are our biggest issues at the moment, but I am hoping we have found a further improvement to that this week. It's just trial and error - we are definitely rookies at this.

The really good news is that we have been invited to come back for the next North Sydney Produce market on the 20th August which is really exciting. We understand the market on the third Saturday of each month is by far the biggest and attracts a different crowd, so we want to see how that impacts on the overall interest in ceramics, and of course sales.   

So its onwards and upwards!  It's certainly a new experience for me, somewhat daunting at this stage, mainly because of the logistics, and the early starts!! As my fgamily and friends all know I have never been a good morning person!! But I have discovered Sydney's beautiful sunrises and we are finding out very quickly what it is people want to buy and  what they like, or don't - which is invaluable

Have a great week everyone and hope to see you at North Sydney on the 20th.

Here is just some of the work we had on display on Saturday 6th.


Posted by Carole Whitmore