Wood Fired,Pasta Bowls
Wood Fired,Pasta Bowls

Wood Fired,Pasta Bowls

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Weight: 780g
LxWxH: 0 x 24 x 8cm
Potter: Sandy Lockwood,NSW
Product Code: SL006
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These large pasta bowls are just stunning.  Every single one is different - and yet they work well as a set. The bowls could be used for individual pasta serves but are also deep enough and big enough to be used for soups, casserole dishes or even shared or individual salad servings. They are wood fired and many are salt glazed, as a result, despite the fact that the glaze colours used are the same in each bowl, each one has fired differently in the kiln to be a unique piece.  This is the pottery that other potters buy.  Each piece is a collectors item