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Living Clay Australia is a great place to buy handmade clay cookware online. Our online store showcases and sells amazing practical pottery from the best potters. The range of handmade clay cookware features, cooking bowls, casserole dishes and miscellaneous handmade clay cookware. A clay casserole dish is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to prepare "slow cooking" recipes such as tagines, curries or flavoursome casseroles and stews. When it is not in use it can add a nice individual touch to your kitchen decor. Not in a need of a casserole dish? How about a set of individual soup bowls that come straight out of the oven and onto the table for a dinner party? What other material can do such a good job of cooking garlic prawns and serving straight onto the table? Take a look at our unique range and buy handmade clay cookware online at Living Clay today!

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Celadon  Lidded Ramekins
These celadon individual casseroles or ramekins are ideal for soups, stews and exotic dishes th..
Ex Tax: $104.55
Celadon Glazed Flan or Pie Dishes - Set of 2
These practical but beautiful celadon glazed flan dishes are a bit of an indulgence, but they enable..
Ex Tax: $227.27
Covered Casserole Dishes Large
Ever since I started Living Clay I have been wanting to offer a range of covered (and uncovered..
From $120.00
Ex Tax: $109.09
Covered Casserole Dishes Small
Ever since I started Living Clay I have been wanting to offer a range of covered (and uncovered..
From $80.00
Ex Tax: $72.73
Egg Separators
These fun guys don't just look cute, they have a really useful purpose.  They make separating e..
From $18.00
Ex Tax: $16.36
Garlic Scraper
These nifty little stoneware scrapers actually work.  When I first saw them I thought "not poss..
From $25.00
Ex Tax: $22.73
Nested Mixing Bowls - Set of 3
These delightful, sturdy mixing bowls are not only useful - but beautiful.  They are part ..
From $180.00
Ex Tax: $163.64
Stoneware Drunken Oil Bottle
This gorgeously quirky stoneware oil bottle is definitely a conversation piece as it sits on your ki..
From $80.00
Ex Tax: $72.73
Stoneware Oil Bottles
Oil keeps fresher in pottery because it likes to be in a shady or dark spot away from the sun.  ..
From $80.00
Ex Tax: $72.73
Stoneware Salt Pig
When I was a little girl - everyone's Mother had a salt pig.  They kept your salt dry and ..
From $80.00
Ex Tax: $72.73
Stoneware Soy Bottles
These are a  brilliant idea - for storing and serving soy sauce and an intriguing pottery ..
From $80.00
Ex Tax: $72.73
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