Celadon 2 cup teapot
Celadon 2 cup teapot

Celadon 2 cup teapot

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Weight: 658g
LxWxH: 0 x 17 x 21cm
Potter: Stephen Sheridan. NSW
Product Code: SS010
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This simple, but elegant 2 cup teapot ls created in fine porcelain and exquisitely hand turned and fired by Steve.  It compliments his beautiful celadon teabowls and jugs. Steve has a unique ability to consistently create his almost translucent pots in that magic light blue/green tone which requires precise technical skills, lots of practice and dedicated crafting on every single piece.  He is a perfectionist and it shows. His work is deceptively simple but very hard to do. It takes years of honing technical knowledge and skills to perfect.  This teapot is an exceptionally good example of  his craftsmanship.