Celadon Small Plate
Celadon Small Plate

Celadon Small Plate

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Weight: 400g
LxWxH: 0 x 19 x 2cm
Potter: Sally Gordon NSW
Product Code: SG005
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The art of producing Celadon ware is difficult and time consuming.  It was for centuries a special art form developed and produced only in China, but has since spread around the world to many parts of the world including Korea who have produced some of the world's most famous, classic, highly prized Celadon pieces. The typical jade green colour is produced by firing a glaze containing just the right amount of iron oxide to produce the typical green colour it is renowned for.  Too little iron oxide produces a blue glaze, too much produces a dark green to almost black glaze, so it is an exacting art using a reducing kiln.  Very few Australian potters have mastered it - Sally is one who has.

These small plates have a number of functions - as bread and butter plates, or combined with the wobbly bowls to create a dinner setting for noodles and Asian dishes, or as afternoon tea plates for sandwiches, cakes and light refreshments.  They are elegantly simple and refined.