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Living Clay is the best place to buy handmade tableware online. Our range includes dinnerware, serving dishes, bowls, jugs and teapots as well as many other useful and beautiful items in clay. All our handmade tableware is uniquely crafted by our talented potters. To refine your search further, click on one of the icons below. If you can’t find what you’re searching for try our “miscellaneous" subcategory, it may well be there. Buying handmade tableware online has never been easier than with Living Clay Australia.

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ClayCups Espresso (6oz)
The  ABC television show "War On Waste" triggered an important movement in Australia ..
From $45.00
Ex Tax: $40.91
ClayCups Standard (12oz)
The  ABC television show "War On Waste" triggered an important movement in Australia ..
From $50.00
Ex Tax: $45.45
Crystalline Blue-grey Jug Tall
This hand crafted stoneware jug, is both elegant and useful.  The crystalline interio..
Ex Tax: $122.73
Deep Sided Large Platter
This is a beautiful platter which sits comfortably in both the functional and art spaces. It is 37cm..
Ex Tax: $345.45
Fish Platter Set
This is a beautiful white porcelain dish set comprising a fish platter, a separate vegetable dish or..
Ex Tax: $131.82
Jug Small - No Handle
These beautiful small jugs are ideal for serving sauces, dressings or gravy on the side of an&n..
From $23.00
Ex Tax: $20.91
Jug With Handle - Large
Every kitchen needs one of these.  This hand turned, elegant, 1.5 litre stoneware jug is one of..
From $125.00
Ex Tax: $113.64
Lidded Salt Pots (pots only)
These chunky lidded stoneware pots have been especially designed to respond to the new trend of offe..
From $38.00
Ex Tax: $34.55
MacRim Beakers
This is a traditional beaker which is part of Elke's popular MacRim range. Created in white ice porc..
Ex Tax: $36.36
MacRim Oval Platter
This medium sized porcelain MacRim platter adds to the table setting and can be used to serve sushi,..
Ex Tax: $104.55
MacRim Plate: Large
These beautiful Dinner plates combine with the smaller MacRim bread an butter plate and bowl to..
Ex Tax: $50.00
MacRim Plate: Medium
These beautiful plates are complementary to the larger MacRim dinner plates and bowls to make up a s..
Ex Tax: $31.82
Mini Australian Bird Jugs
These delightful small jugs by Dawn Oakford of Tasmania have become pretty famous.  They are he..
From $120.00
Ex Tax: $109.09
Mug - With Handle
These chunky 2 tone mugs will quickly become the favourite "My mug" in the house for every member of..
From $60.00
Ex Tax: $54.55
Ned Kelly Teapot
Nicola is famous for her elegant teapots and has been for a very long time. In fact she is even..
From $300.00
Ex Tax: $272.73
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