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Living Clay is the best place to buy handmade tableware online. Our range includes dinnerware, serving dishes, bowls, jugs and teapots as well as many other useful and beautiful items in clay. All our handmade tableware is uniquely crafted by our talented potters. To refine your search further, click on one of the icons below. If you can’t find what you’re searching for try our “miscellaneous" subcategory, it may well be there. Buying handmade tableware online has never been easier than with Living Clay Australia.

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Wedginsky Teapot and Tumblers
Dawn likes to make "Arty Teapots" and she does them exceptionally well.  Each one is unique and..
From $450.00
Ex Tax: $409.09
White Iron Rim French Cafe Au Lait Cups
These big wide cups remind me of Paris - steaming hot "cafe au lait" served with a croissant an..
Ex Tax: $95.45
White Iron Rim Small Jug
Steve's inordinatge skill and craftsmanship is very apparent in these small jugs. They are beau..
Ex Tax: $90.00
White Iron Rim Tea Bowls
These unique tea bowls are very special.  Hand turned in white porcelain with an iron rim they ..
Ex Tax: $90.00
Wide Flat Bowls 27cm
These wide bowls can be used for practically anything you plan on serving and will enhance any meal ..
From $135.00
Ex Tax: $122.73
Wood Fired, Salt Glazed Mugs
These chunky mugs are just gorgeous.  They are the mugs that everyone wants to own.  Large..
From $80.00
Ex Tax: $72.73
Wood Fired, Salt Glazed Water Jug
These stunning wood fired, salt glazed large jugs are available in several colou..
From $275.00
Ex Tax: $250.00
Wood Fired,Pasta Bowls
These large pasta bowls are just stunning.  Every single one is different - and yet they work w..
From $150.00
Ex Tax: $136.36
This small teapot is built for 1. It's a superb example of and salt glazed, wood fire..
From $300.00
Ex Tax: $272.73
Woodfired, Salt Glazed Teapot - 4 cup
These teapots, each one different, have a character all of their own and are&nbs..
From $350.00
Ex Tax: $318.18
Cups with handles - Flannel Flower
The delicate flannel flower is a popular native plant of Australia which grows in the coastal region..
From $45.00
Ex Tax: $40.91
Stoneware Chunky Bowl Large
This heavy duty, deep, flat bottomed stoneware bowl offers a multitude of uses. It is ideal for serv..
From $80.00
Ex Tax: $72.73
MacRim Bowls
These bowls are suitable for soup, noodles and even cereal.  They are complementary to the..
Ex Tax: $47.27
Celadon Wobbly Bowls
The art of producing Celadon ware is difficult and time consuming.  It was for centuries a ..
Ex Tax: $59.09