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Living Clay is the best place to buy handmade tableware online. Our range includes dinnerware, serving dishes, bowls, jugs and teapots as well as many other useful and beautiful items in clay. All our handmade tableware is uniquely crafted by our talented potters. To refine your search further, click on one of the icons below. If you can’t find what you’re searching for try our “miscellaneous" subcategory, it may well be there. Buying handmade tableware online has never been easier than with Living Clay Australia.

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Celadon Rice Bowls
These simple, beautiful Celadon rice bowls are fired in fine porcelain and exquisitely hand tur..
From $99.00
Ex Tax: $90.00
Jade Green Tea Bowls
These sturdy jade green tea bowls have been beautifully glazed by Denise McDonald and, unusually,&nb..
Ex Tax: $36.36
White Iron Rim Rice Bowls
These simple, beautiful white porcelain rice bowls are exquisitely hand turned and fired by Ste..
Ex Tax: $90.00
Cassar Wide Bowl
These dishes, created by Josephine, are part of her Cassar dinnerware range. They are specifica..
From $65.00
Ex Tax: $59.09
Cassar Traditional Bowl
These chunky bowls created by Josephine are part of her Cassar dinnerware range.  The..
From $65.00
Ex Tax: $59.09
Cassar Small Bowl
From $35.00
Ex Tax: $31.82
Barrel Bowl
This is a large porcelain bowl with a matt, stone like finish. Its unique marbled pattern on the int..
Ex Tax: $177.27
Monday Bowl
These quirky porcelain bowls are slightly slanted to create an unusual impact at the dinner table. &..
Ex Tax: $86.36