ClayCups Espresso (6oz)
ClayCups Espresso (6oz)

ClayCups Espresso (6oz)

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Weight: 260g
LxWxH: 0 x 10 x 11cm
Potter: Katherine Mahoney. NSW
Product Code: CC002
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The  ABC television show "War On Waste" triggered an important movement in Australia to eliminate, or at worst, minimise, the millions of paper cups we discard every day after buying a takeaway coffee or tea.  So we are collaborating with ClayCups Inc to bring you these innovative, organic, reusable coffee cups.

ClayCups are the Pottery industry's solution to an ongoing  environmental problem. They are hand crafted, organic, "barista" approved mugs (i.e. they fit underneath the espresso machine nozzles that make your coffee). Our costing includes a colourful silicone top (you can choose your own colour from our range) which fits snugly over your ClayCup to keep your tea or coffee hot and spill proof as you move around.  This smaller version of the cup is especially designed for short black, espresso or machiato drinkers.

Pottery is basically "cooked earth" and therefore it can be returned to the environment without creating any damage whatsoever. The silicone top is washable, recyclable and long lasting. You simply wash it out in warm water after use and you are ready for the next  coffee or tea. The lids are sturdy and will last for a very long time (some say up to 20 years) before they have to be replaced, drastically reducing the volume of plastic dumped into our waste bins and tips. But we do provide replacement tops in a range of colours @ $5.00 each in case you lose or damage one.  

Clay Cups are a much better option than the new reusable plastic versions.  The coffee tastes much better, they hold the heat really well and they look so much classier than anything else in the market!! 

Help us to help you reduce plastic waste! 

Items Available  
Extra Silicon top $5.00
12oz Claycup with hand protector and cap included $45.00
When ordering your ClayCup please tell us the colour for the cap you would like in the order comments box on the check out page and we will do our best to accommodate your request.    

Colours currently available are Charcoal, Light Grey, Fuschia, Green, Red., Black and White.  But this is constantly changing at the present time.

Corporate and commercial enquiries are welcome, we have special wholesale rates for orders of 10 cups or more..

These cups are currently hand turned so please be aware that due to extraordinary demand at the present time we do occasionally run out of stock,. Contrary to our normal practice we have left our website open to enable you to order your Claycup.

Just order in the normal manner and we will contact you if the anticipated delay is more than 7 days.  All orders will be processed in date of receipt order.