Featured Potter

Featured Potter

Elke Lucas - QLD

“I want to create pieces that people use everyday, lovely things that you can have out and are not afraid to use and enjoy. That’s what I’m really aiming for – beautiful functional pots that people love to use.” Elke Lucas

Elke was born in a small village in the Black Forest in Germany where in her early life she was a good student but did not consider following an artistic career at the time. After leaving school she did an apprenticeship in architectural drafting before taking off to see the world living briefly in the USA, Canada, Chile and Ireland and eventually settling in the United Kingdom.

She married into a family of English potters making slip decorated earthenware on the North Devon coast. Elke quickly discovered that she had a real affinity with clay and it was here that she served her apprenticeship in the busy creative atmosphere of a working studio pottery acquiring the skills necessary, through seven years of making, decorating and refining her style of pottery, learning along the way that there are really no short cuts to becoming an accomplished potter.

Elkes’ major creative influence has been, and still is, the great Austrian studio potter Lucie Rie, who lived most of her life in London making superb modernist pots with her studio partner Hans Coper. Lucie’s work is now keenly sought by collectors all over Europe, she has become a legend in the world of modern ceramics. Elke has successfully evolved Lucie’s love of the simple and elegant into to her own unique style and has used the great variety of Australian clays to experiment with different techniques.

After initially migrating to New Zealand in 2003 the family moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2009 to start a new life.  Elke, her husband and two sons are great lovers of the sea - the Sunshine Coast allows them to live the lifestyle they enjoy most. In 2012 Elke decided to return to ceramics. She is particularly drawn to porcelain, loving its translucent, delicate quality so decided that this would be the direction she would take in her new creative enterprise.

Elke now has an established and successful business as a highly regarded Australian potter making an extensive range of wheel thrown, high-fired porcelain with a very strong emphasis on the functional, which is why we were so happy to find her and have her join our Living Clay team.  Our focus is on sourcing useful, practical but beautiful pots so it is a great fit.

She is in her element working with the wide range of Australian porcelain clays and drawing inspiration from the landscape and the natural beauty of the place she lives and works. She uses natural oxides for minimal decoration on her pots, which allow the elegant shapes of her work and the quality of the porcelain to shine through. Her pots always have a natural sophistication and a simple, elegant, quiet presence.

Here is a small sample of the range of Elke’s pots we currently have in our on line range. We have initially selected her beautiful McRim range because of its simplicity and elegance.


Elke's pots are fired to a high temperature (1280c) to give them durability and strength.  Her work is food safe and, if handled with care to avoid scratching and thermal shock, it is dishwasher safe too. 


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