Teapot - Flannel Flower
Teapot - Flannel Flower

Teapot - Flannel Flower

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Weight: 750g
LxWxH: 0 x 22 x 15cm
Potter: Denise McDonald
Product Code: DM004
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The delicate flannel flower is a popular native plant of Australia which grows in the coastal regions  of NSW extending from the South Coast to Narrabri in the Central West and then to South East Queensland in the North. It’s white or pink flowers bloom all year long but with an extra burst of colour in the Spring.  It is so named because of the soft woolly feel of the plant.

 Denise has captured the essence of these native plants in her work by using a vintage stain glass window she found in her Randwick home which is engraved with flannel flowers. She impresses that design into the soft clay before she builds her pots to create a unique and distinctive range which is exclusive to Denise.

This  elegant but quirky 2 cup"teapot with character" is not only a  great teapot but in our opinion it's a collectors item.as well and should be shown offf on the sideboard.  It's a gpod pourer and  a very practical and attractive edition to your home..  A 4 cup version is also available on request.

Clients tell me that the Flannel Flower is less common these days and much more difficult to find. Over development, the loss of many coastal parks and cities and towns expanding into wild areas means that sighting them is becoming much less common.