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Handmade Teapots and Coffeepots

Handmade Teapots and Coffeepots

Since the discovery of teabags many people have succumbed to the quick and convenient way of making a cuppa!  But for those of us who really like a good cup of tea there is nothing quite like a good strong cup of tea made in a handmade clay teapot with plenty of time allowed to brew the leaf.  It's the tea version of the difference between mature wine and cask wine,  freshly ground coffee and instant coffee, or stale bread and freshly baked bread. They are simply not the same.

From a potter's perspective making a good clay teapot that looks good, stands firm, brews well and pours cleanly is at the and high end of a "degree of difficulty". It's definitely not easy to do and takes years to learn. Some potters choose not to even try.  We have just a few for you to choose from and continue to seek and source them. But in line with our focus on practical pottery, we source the more functional, beautiful handmade teapots that can be used every day.    

To view more detail on the teapots and coffeepots listed below, just click on the appropriate image.

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Celadon 2 cup teapot
This simple, but elegant 2 cup teapot ls created in fine porcelain and exquisitely hand tu..
From $230.00
Ex Tax: $209.09
Ned Kelly Teapot
Nicola is famous for her elegant teapots and has been for a very long time. In fact she is even..
From $300.00
Ex Tax: $272.73
Stoneware Teapot Set with side handle -Green
This somewhat different, side handled teapot is a really sturdy, very practical family teapot. It ma..
Ex Tax: $163.64
Stoneware Teapot with Cane Handle
This teapot is in the classic japanese style tradition. It is both beautiful and useable.  ..
From $140.00
Ex Tax: $127.27
Stoneware Teapot with side handle
This somewhat different, side handled teapot is a really sturdy, very practical family teapot. It ma..
From $135.00
Ex Tax: $122.73
Wedginsky Teapot and Tumblers
Dawn likes to make "Arty Teapots" and she does them exceptionally well.  Each one is unique and..
From $450.00
Ex Tax: $409.09
Woodfired, Salt Glazed Teapot - 4 cup
These teapots, each one different, have a character all of their own and are&nbs..
From $350.00
Ex Tax: $318.18
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